“Executive Coaching has helped me gain greater insights into the personal dynamics around me, and now I have a deeper sense of compassion for how others may see a situation or challenge.  As a result of working with Cyndi, I am able to handle those same situations with a sensitivity that brings forth results with less stress or negative resistance.”

Carol Jones, Senior Software Engineer

“Our sessions are the perfect mix of objective sounding board and motivation.  I am able to reflect on exactly what I want to achieve,  prioritize the steps I need to take, and have an accountability partner to ensure I follow through.  If you have dreams that you actually want to see happen, I highly recommend executive coaching with Cyndi.”

Karolyn Dector, Entreprenuer

“It’s quite early in my journey and the magic truly relies in the work; however, the peace, respect, & compassion I have for myself & those around me is unbelievable & feels physically tangible.  I am thankful to my coach Cyndi Farrare, who has guided me through very emotionally driven tough situations & rooted for me the whole time. I highly recommend looking into coaching.”

Dr. Miravone Dorough