Cyndi Farrare Coaching is a boutique executive coaching firm dedicated to partnering with intelligent and driven individuals who are looking for a combination of discovery, direction and support in navigating the challenges they face in the workplace.   Whether you have a goal to achieve, or need support in navigating office politics, executive coaching is a proven tool for bringing new awareness and knowledge that can propel you forward.


What You Should Expect

Time.  Time to be heard.  Time to process.   Time for clarity.  Time for direction.  Time for action.  Time for you.

Each week we jump on an hour call where you bring the topic, and I bring critical questions, space to listen.  Our time together is based on you and your needs.  I do not have any agendas.  My sole purpose is to ensure that you will walk away from each call with new knowledge.


What Coaching is NOT.

Coaching is not consulting.  Consultants come to you with advice and solutions, and leave you with a list of action items to carry out based on their advice.  This is an incredibly helpful service, but this is not coaching.  Coaches operate on the basis that you know your company, customers, or challenges better than they do, and they are simply there to be a mixture of objective sounding board and motivator.

Coaching is not therapy.  Therapist look at who you are and how you got here.   While Coaches look at who you are, and where you want to be.  Therapist focus much of their attention on your past, while coaches focus much of their attention on the present and future.

Executive Coaching is all about implementation.  If you are ready to start translating your knowledge into action, then contact me here for your first free 30 minute coaching call.