“Words of wisdom inspire us, but they have value only if we take them into our hearts and use them in our daily lives.” -unknown 

I don’t know who’s quote this belongs to, but when I first saw it it spoke to me on a deep level. I don’t know about you, but I can read a book, be inspired by it, talk about it with friends for a few weeks, and then get distracted and never really implement the principals in the book.  So the challenges that drew me to read the book in the first place never experience real change, and I end up only getting the surface level wisdom from what the author likely spent months and possibly years developing.   

It’s in this vein that I have created the Implementation Class. Every quarter we’re going to take a book that I have recently read that could really make an impact on the challenges many of my client’s face. Each week we will methodically go through some of the principles in the book and practice applying those principles in real life situations. You’ll have the option to bring your own scenarios to the group or use offered hypothetical situations to practice on.  Either way you’ll be walking away with new skills to use in your own lives and with those you are leading. 

I really hope you can join us and start implementing principals from some amazing authors like Adam Grant, Brené Brown, Harriet Learner, Michael Bungay Stanier and more. 

Fall Implementation Class: Think Again by Adam Grant

What is it like to be wrong or to get it wrong?  Does even the idea of being wrong put a pit in your stomach or create some sort of resistance within you?  Does it keep you from trying something new, or speaking up and participating in the conversation? 

What if I told you the keys to better judgment, greater knowledge and successful action actually lie in being wrong?  Yup, you read that correctly.  In this book we will not only walk through the science behind this theory, but we will also practice exercises to test this theory out and hopefully experience a release in the pressure we all feel to be right, get it right, or do it right. 

Topics from the Book: 

  • The Armchair Quarterback and the Imposter: Finding the Sweet Spot of Confidence
  • The Joy of Being Wrong
  • The Psychology of Constructive Conflict
  • How to Win Debates and Influence People
  • How the Right Kind of Listening Motivates People to Change
  • Building Cultures of Learning at Work
  • Escaping Tunnel Vision: Reconsidering Our Best-Laid Career and Life Plans

Start Date: Wednesday, Sept 8th 

Time: Noon – 1pm Central time

Time Frame: 6 weeks

Location: Zoom

Price: $275

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