What if you could take your weakness and develop it into a strength?  Weakness you say?  Yeah, you read that right I started off talking about weaknesses.  This either makes you feel very uncomfortable or you appreciate me getting straight to the point.

Let me first start off by saying I believe everyone of us has incredible strengths and talents that need to be recognized and celebrated.  HOWEVER if our focus is purely on developing what we are good at, we will miss the true opportunity for transformational growth.

Whether you are aware of your weaknesses or not, we each have behaviors that hold us back from achieving success and joy in our careers.  Many times, we are blind to either the action or the full impact of those actions.  We chalk it up to “Well, that’s just who I am.” Or “I just can’t work with (insert annoying individual).”

What if I told you there is a way that you can work with that annoying person, and grow beyond who you know yourself to be?   Change is absolutely possible!  There are alternatives to the frustrations you have today.

The trick comes in the discovery of what we are blind to, discerning the motivating factors involved, and developing a course of action that is more effective and positive.

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