Hello and welcome!   My name is Cyndi Farrare.  I am a Washington, DC native who now resides outside Chicago, IL along with my family.  I am a life longer learner, avid reader, podcast junkie, dedicated NBA and NFL fan, and workshop groupie.  If there is something to learn, you can bet I am seeking it out.

My career began in Venture Capital as a Business Development Manager at Edison Partners.  It was an amazing opportunity to learn about the software and commuications businesses, and also gain incredible insights into what separates good management teams from outstanding ones.

With hopes to bring greater awareness and wisdom to the board room, I opted to step away from the venture community for some time to experience running a company first hand.   It proved to be the experience I was looking for, and taught me insights that only can come from being apart of a company from the ground up.

As the VP of Marketing for Parature, a customer support software company who was later acquired by Microsoft, I discovered my passion for partnering with smart and driven individuals to further their own development and career.   There is nothing like seeing someone gain clarity or achieve a career aspiration!

After my second child was born I started a photography business, which gave me a richer understanding of what running a company was all about.  The good and the bad.  I was a true solopreneur.  I handled everything from marketing, sales, finances, technology, customer support, vender relations, logistics and training.  I can honestly say I now have a better appreciation for the complexities that come along with being the person who makes all the decisions.  It was an incredibly rewarding time where I grew a TON.

So how does all this lead to coaching?  Great question.  For me becoming a mother is where it all began.  See having kids is what it took to bring me to a place of true self-awareness.  There is nothing like trying all the things you’ve been taught and it still not work for your pride to be stripped away, and you suddenly become acutely aware of the areas one needs to grow.

Over the past 12 years I have dedicated my time to truly focusing on my own personal development.  I have utilized tools such as the Enneagram, Al-non, my faith, and coaching to unlock some of the challenges I have faced for over 20 years.  Through this work I have become better aware of weaknesses that I was blind to, and the true impact it has had on others and ultimately my success and happiness.  Overall I have learned how to lead, communicate and interact with others with more awareness, compassion and wisdom.

In late 2017, I started to envision what it would look like if this type of knowledge was brought into the workplace.  If I had these tool when I started my career, I would have handled everything from office politics to customer relations more effectively and with more ease.  Really life would have been a ton less stressful.  So that’s what I set out to do.

I am currently attending Coach U, one of the leading global providers of coach training, and am working on my Associate Certified Coaching Credentials through the International Coaches Federation.  In addition, I have also completed the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program by Dr. Jerome Wagner of The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles.

But enough about me! I’d love to hear from you, and hear how you’d like to further your own development and career!  Click on the link for a free 30 minute coaching session here –> Contact